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We are pleased to confirm that Jurassic East, our exciting 2019 conference, will be held at the British Antarctic Survey's Aurora Centre on Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0ET.


Booking is open - please see the conference page for details.






The geodiversity of the East of England is right beneath our feet:  The rocks, soils and landforms that make up the landscape. It provides wildlife habitat and many of our essential resources, such as drinking water, minerals and building stone.  It is a source of inspiration and of a sense of place.


The region’s geodiversity ranges in time from Jurassic rocks 170 million years old to coastal sediments laid down by the latest tide. It gives rise to contrasts in the physical landscape, ranging from the chalk hills of the north Chilterns to the coastal mudflats of the Wash, from the boulder clay plateau of East Anglia to the level peats of Fenland. Its sediments and fossils provide an archive of information about environmental change over millions of years, including changes in wildlife and human occupation.



The Partnership


Geo-East is a partnership of organisations and individuals active in promoting and conserving geodiversity in the East of England.  We cover Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, and Norfolk and we liaise with GeoSuffolk.


Our aims are to:


Promote geodiversity in the East of England.


Advocate and represent geodiversity in the regional planning process and other regional initiatives.


Encourage and enable collaboration, support and exchange of ideas in relation to geodiversity.


Represent the region in national geodiversity initiatives.

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