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We are pleased to confirm that booking for Jurassic East is now open.  This conference will take place at the British Antarctic Survey's Aurora Centre on Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0ET on Saturday 23rd November 2019.


Speakers during the day will include:


Prof David Martill (Portsmouth University) - Dinosaurs at Sea


Dr Jeff Liston - Leedsichthys


Dr Simon Kelly (CASP) - speaking about the Corallian


Naomi Stevenson (Natural England) - a whirlwind tour of Jurassic geography


Dr Liz Hide (Director, the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences) -  the Jurassic collections of the Sedgwick Museum.  


Further speakers to be announced very shortly!


We are moving across Cambridge to a larger venue for this event so there will be more space in the conference hall and more space for posters and displays.  We have therefore been able to invite several palaeoartists to display their work.




Registration Form

Image:  Wikimedia Commons